Aleksandras Stulginskis University Students’ representation


ASU SA started functioning in 1997.

The main goal of ASU SA is to:

  • represent students’ interests;
  • defend their rights and take care of academical, social, cultural prosperity and international affairs.

ASU SA has 8 committees and 5 devisions of Students’ representations representing 5 faculties of ASU. You can find structure of central ASU SA below.

  • Committee of marketing;
  • Committee of social and academic affairs;
  • Committee of international relations;
  • Commiittee of public relations;
  • Committee of human resources;
  • Committee of projects;
  • Committee of leisure activities;
  • Committee of Lithuanian students’ identity cards.

ASU SA defends the rights of students in governing bodies of ASU and beyond the boundaries of ASU, improves the process of studies (ensures the quality of studies by offering the suggestions for essential changes), takes care of social welfare (endeavors to achieve the fulfillment of basic students’ physiological needs, initiates the of the rest zones, participates in establishing the criteria for scholarships), organizes providing leisure activities (in order to make the time spent at the university unforgettable), spreads information to all student community.

Representatives of ASU SA participate in various seminars, conferences and seek to acquire various types of knowledge that can help them improve student life inside and outside the University.